Category: User applications

User applications created by Peter Johann Sebastian Bach


Something beautiful version 1.7 (freeware)

For Windows only. Download here Windows 64 bit Download here Windows 32 bit Alternate download links: Download here Windows 64 bit Download here Windows 32 bit NOTE: Please be patience, when the mathematical equations...


Data collector version 1.0

Status: Freeware Size: 2.54 MB. Operating system: 32bit and 64bit Windows. Purpose: Collect data from drives..Scan, organize and manage your files easily and quickly. Installation: None..Just unzip and run. Download here:


Image batch converter.

Status: Freeware. Size: 692 kb. Operating system: 32 bit and 64 bit windows. Purpose: Convert/resize multiple images. Reads: BMP,JPG,PNG,TGA,TIF Write: BMP,JPG,PNG Convert/resize a bunch of images real fast. Easy to use. Just unrar and...


Ogre Assimp Converter frontend

Status: Freeware Size: 11.8 MB. Purpose: To ease the conversion process to Ogre mesh from other model formats. This frontend uses the console OgreAssimpConverter.exe. Operating Systems: 32 bit and 64 bit windows. The converted...


Texture2Font Creator version 0.7 (Freeware)

Status: Freeware Creator: Purpose: Create character sheets for whatever you want. Create really good looking sheets in less than 30 seconds. Operating systems: Windows 32 and 64 bit. (Mac + Linux versions are...